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Why Hand Sanitizer is an Absolute Must at the Office

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When we go to the office every day, we bring along millions of germs with us, and so do all our coworkers. Germs are an inseparable part of work life, and if we don’t do our best to control them, our work performance will suffer.

Hand Sanitizer Decreases the Amount of Germs You Spread
Hand sanitizer is an easy, convenient way to disinfect your hands no matter where you are. With so many people congregated in one place, it’s easy for germs to spread at the office. Hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of germs and ultimately, prevent illness.
Hand sanitizer kills microbial cells on your hands that carry germs. Within 30 seconds of using it, about 99% of the germs on your hands will be gone. That means, if everyone at the office used hand sanitizer, 99% less germs would be spread, giving you and your coworkers a much smaller chance of getting sick.

Hand Sanitizer Saves You Money
When you use hand sanitizer, your chances of contracting infectious diseases goes down. This means you’ll have a lower chance of having to take off from work and from having to pay medical bills.

Hand Sanitizer Prevents Stress
Is there anything that causes stress like the thought of having to miss work at the last minute? Taking a day off from work when a big project is due is many peoples’ nightmare. Don’t let an illness cause you stress when you could have easily prevented it.

Hand Sanitizer Promotes Employee Loyalty
Employees like to know that they’re being cared for by their employers whether that be through check-ins, feedback, provided healthcare, or health programs. When you show your employees that you care about their health, they’ll be grateful.
How to Implement Hand Sanitizing at the Office
If we let germs have free reign, we risk getting our coworkers sick and having to take days off from work. The best way to prevent this is by implementing hand sanitizer programs at the office.
We all know that hand sanitizer is a useful disinfectant, but remembering to use it might not be so easy. It also isn’t easy to get a large group of people to change their habits at the flip of a coin. So, if you want to increase the usage of hand sanitizer in your office, here are a few tips:

Advertise to Your Coworkers and Employees
If your office has daily briefings, announcements, or meetings, take this time to explain the importance of using hand sanitizer in the workplace. Not everyone knows the benefits of hand sanitizer, so it’s crucial that you share information when possible.
In addition to that, put up posters, flyers, and other signs reminding people to use hand sanitizer. These signs should also include instructions on how and when to use hand sanitizer.

Set Up Communal Hand Sanitizing Stations
Setting up areas around the office where employees can easily sanitize their hands is a must. Place hand sanitizer dispensers around the office in high density areas that people interact with and touch objects. Near doors, counters, cafeterias, meeting rooms, desks, and break rooms are all good places for hand sanitizing stations.
By placing multiple sanitizing stations around the office, you and your coworkers will be constantly reminded to keep your hands clean. Keeping the office clean will only work if everyone gets involved. Setting up communal hand sanitizing areas is the best solution.

Sanitize the Office Space Daily
You can use hand sanitizer to prevent bacteria from building up on commonly touched surfaces and objects such as door handles, light switches, water fountains, elevator buttons, and computer keyboards. Simply put some hand sanitizer onto a tissue or towel and use it to wipe down surfaces.
Don’t put your health at risk – use hand sanitizer to keep your office clean and germ-free.
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