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GSD Wet Wipes Kills Coronavirus

Study Shows Active Ingredient in GSD Wet Wipes Kills Coronavirus by Steve Cook August 24, 2020

According to an April 2020 report by James Rosen of Sinclair Broadcasting Group, GSD Wet Wipes active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride is "is overwhelmingly effective against a strain of the coronavirus highly similar to the one now wreaking havoc around the world."

BioScience Laboratories in Bozeman, Montana was commissioned to test the efficacy of benzalonium chloride by hand sanitizer manufacturer, DAB.

Unable to obtain the COVID-19 virus, virologist Dr. Volha Teagle selected a similar strain of coronavirus named 229E.

Dr Sidney Bodurant, the chief medical officer for Three Kings, manufacturers of DAM reported: "In the lab, DAB did eliminate 99.9 percent of the virus in the 30-second test," Bondurant said. "We also carried the test out to 60-seconds and 120-seconds of exposure time. All three of the tests showed the same thing."

"Since the action of benzalkonium is against the envelope of the virus, and the envelope does not mutate," Bondurant added in an email, "the virologists say that activity against the surrogate almost certainly means the compound will be active against the Wuhan (virus)."


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