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Top Protective Health Benefits of Using Sanitizing and Disinfecting Wipes

Benefits of GSD Wipes
There are many reasons you may need to either sanitize or disinfect your house. Whether you’ve been in contact with someone sick and don’t want to spread those germs in your home, or you have a sick family member, keeping your house safe and clean is incredibly important.
The easiest way to do this is to use sanitizing and disinfecting wipes. With frequent sanitizing and disinfecting, your house will be rid of dangerous germs that could get you and your loved ones sick and infected.
Why Use Sanitizing and Disinfecting Wipes?
Wipes Get into Tight Spaces
Sanitizing and disinfecting wipes can be used whenever you think that a surface is covered in germs, but they’re especially useful for getting into tight spaces and for cleaning oddly shaped objects. Use wipes on doorknobs, sink faucets, wallets, tables, and remote controls. Wipes can also be used on electronics.
We’re all practically attached to our phones, laptops, and tablets. As a result, a single phone can carry over 25,000 germs on it, yet we bring our phones to the dinner table, and even into our beds. While we can wash our hands, we can’t as easily wash our phones. That’s why sanitizing and disinfecting wipes are so important.

Wipes make cleaning quick
When you need to disinfect your house from dangerous germs, there’s no time to waste. Wipes make cleaning quick and easy. You don’t have to deal with messy soap and water, or dozens of paper towels. Just grab a wipe and go.
Wipes effectively get rid of germs
What hand sanitizer does for our skin, sanitizing and disinfecting wipes do for surfaces. You can confidently use wipes in the home, classroom, and office to keep dangerous germs out of harm's way.
Wipes are safer than other cleaning materials
If you have kids or pets, you understand the dangers of having small objects and chemicals lying around. Cleaning fluid often has bright, fun colors that make them look edible to young, curious eyes. Sanitizing wipes and sanitizing spray do the same thing, but the wipes are the safer option.
What’s the Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting?
The words ‘sanitize’ and ‘disinfect’ often seem to be interchangeable, but they mean very different things.
Sanitizing refers to lowering the amount of germs on an object. Sanitizing an object removes dirt, germs, and bacteria, but it doesn’t kill them. This drastically lowers the object’s ability to spread germs. Sanitizing wipes are good for laid-back every day use.
Disinfecting refers to killing germs on a surface using stronger chemicals. Disinfectants aren’t meant to clean surfaces of dirt and grime. Their only purpose is to kill germs. You should disinfect an object after it has already been cleaned to get the best results. For more serious cases, using disinfecting wipes may be the better option.
How to Use Sanitizing and Disinfecting Wipes
Using wipes to clean your house might not be the process that you think it is. Check the label on your package of wipes before using. Usually, the surface you’re sanitizing and disinfecting must remain wet for a certain number of minutes before the wipes have actually done their job.
This means you may need to use multiple wipes on the same surface to keep it wet for a long enough time. Note: Don’t reuse wipes on different surfaces unless you want to help the spread of germs
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